What’s Vegetable Day?

June 17 was declared the National Eat Your Vegetable Day in the United States. This is a good thing because it reminds and encourages people to take part in a healthy eating diet.

Vegetable Day 1

Things to do during Vegetable Day

  1. You can visit a vegetarian restaurant – you will learn and see the many different way if turning vegetables into an art and tasteful delight. Many dishes that are made will nightly supplement the need and urge consume meat.
  2. Cook some vegetables
  3. Get your five vegetables intake for example: You can have a veggie scramble for breakfast, a salad for lunch, and roasted veggies for dinner. For desert you can have a apple pie or carrot cake.

Reasons why National Eat Your Vegetables Day is good?

  1. It’s healty
  2. It’s a side dish or entree
  3. Good for Farmers – you can support your local farmers or attend a farmers market to get the latest fruits or vegetables that are in for that season.
  4. You can plant and consume your own vegetables – one thing that is gratifying is growing your own vegetables. It is a source of responsibility and therapeutic habit. To see the final product you have nurtured is a great accomplishment.
  5. Teaching you g people the importance of planting what they eat. This is a life long learning experience and when you start from an early age it teaches responsibility and accomplishment of reaching a goal.
Vegetable Day 2

Vegetable Day and I

In this day I really didn’t know it was National Eat Your Vegetables Day. In fact I didn’t know this even existed. I recall and thought about First Lady Michelle Obama encouraging children the importance of eating vegetables, fruits and staying fit. Furthermore, she thought kids how to plant their own vegetables.

Vegetable Day 3
Harvest time: A gloved Michelle Obama wielded a pitchfork Tuesday to show some student helpers how to harvest the sweet potatoes in her White House garden

These examples could be demonstrated at home and even in schools so that children can feel a gratification of learning seeing results, having responsibilities and being encourage to not just take care if there responsibilities, but be educated in having a more healthier lifestyle.

On this day before realizing the type of day it was I decided to take a few orange and tangerines, pealed it completely with added a or 3 cups of water or more with a few tablespoons of brown sugar (no measurement, just eye balled lol). In addition to this, I cut a few Romain lettuce, peeled and cut ruby red grapefruit, a hand full of grapes, mixed with Mango Chardonnay Vinaigrette and grilled diced chicken. This was a relaxing and healthy meal ate at lunch time followed with a could glass of fresh orange and tangerine drink

It’s not easy being healthy but taking the first step is the most important piece to the puzzle. Then after consistency you have climbed over the hill.

Caribbeans consuming enough fruits and vegetables?

As Caribbeans we generate tuns of vegetable and fruits for many parts of the world.

Vegetable Day 5
7 healthy eating tips to face the COVID-19 Crisis

Take a first step, what did you do for National Eat Your Vegetable Day

Ex: Caribbean Agribusiness are you reaping the benefit and consuming your daily intake? If not start now, set goals, take notes and see results appear.

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