You deserve everything full of goodness, blessing, prosperity and all above. A world wouldn’t be without you. Nurturing with the love and kindness for a new born child can only be bonded with a mother’s touch, a mothers love, a mothers existence, and the simplest twinkle of joy in that ever seeing galaxy eyes.

Her smile that sets the moon on fire and changes the dynamics of the atmosphere. Remembering the little things that a mother has done and that has brought joy to your life, reflect on that today and everyday.

The things that was thought to you from an infant to adult life. It is forever instilled in your life because of a mother’s teachings.

We look for guidance as a child, and like the ducklings gliding on the water surface following the lead of the mother duck or goose, so are we.

A mother does not have to be directly birthing a child, but nurturing, and instilling the love and guidance, protection, traits, and character of how you should exhume a child’s upbringing.

For some Mothers Day brings bad memories, it triggers a spot that has been void and not fulfilled.

Many reasons can cause the painful memories. i.e. When seeing your mother means a trip to prison

Should we wait one day a year to really celebrate our mothers?

No matter the title you may categorize yourself to be; you are a “mother”!

  • biological
  • spiritual
  • guardians
  • adoptive
  • mother like
  • fathers that’s mother and father

How are you being celebrated?
Should you be acknowledged just once per year?

Regardless of celebrating the day you came into the world Mothers Day should not just be honored and celebrated just once per year.

You need to find the time, show the little things with gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that matter.

Wishing a blessed Mothers Day to all who know that they are a mother in some form of way to others that call you “Mother”.

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Junior Griffiths

As a Caribbean born Junior have always enjoyed writing from an early age. It began by writing poetry and short stories.

With a mission of helping to motivate and empower the Caribbean people, community and countries he came up with the idea of the Caribbean people empowering its own people starting from locally to the diaspora. By doing it would begin on a range of topics such as Technology, and Health and Wellness etc. and becoming teachers, learners, and doers. Thus,
Empowering Us Caribbean was developed.

The concept was to generate an online community where people on a wide spectrum may contributing to the development and growth of the Caribbean.
Junior Griffiths
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