Jamaica  Bans Plastic

Jamaica Bans Plastic

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As a Caribbean born Junior have always enjoyed writing from an early age. It began by writing poetry and short stories.

With a mission of helping to motivate and empower the Caribbean people, community and countries he came up with the idea of the Caribbean people empowering its own people starting from locally to the diaspora. By doing it would begin on a range of topics such as Technology, and Health and Wellness etc. and becoming teachers, learners, and doers. Thus,
Empowering Us Caribbean was developed.

The concept was to generate an online community where people on a wide spectrum may contributing to the development and growth of the Caribbean.
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Jamaica used to be one of those countries to top the scale for the countries to contribute most to pollution when it comes to plastic and materials biodegradable . The people of Jamaica loved the use of plastic bags otherwise known as scandal bags. When walking...
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