What does it mean to be a father?

A father is a male partner of a child. In that sense he is the child’s progenitor. They share the same DNA. Fathers who are active in the child’s life will play a role on how the child grows up. To have an impact on the child’s behavior, psychology and their development.

On the other hand, not all fathers are active in their children’s lives.

There are many fathers that believe that once they have a child that their role is done like a donor. Of course they are still their father by DNA, he might pay bills on time, provide food and money or even provide for the family. But if he does not know anything about his child such as what they like and dislike. In addition, what is going on in their life from personally, or even life in school. More likely, that child will it consider him to be their dad.

What does it mean to be a dad?

A dad is a term of affection. He constantly participates in the child’s growth and development. A dad may or may not be a biological father, and he fulfills his responsibility associated with the role of a father.

A father may be an adoptive father, the stepfather, or just a nurturing male figure in the child’s life such as grandfathers , uncles, cousins, big brothers, family friends, mentors, and much more regarding an individual that fulfills some of the fathers responsibilities.

Dads are always there for his child through the good and the bad times. They lead, protect, and helps that child to grow spiritually, emotionally, and wisely.

In addition, he shows the his child right from wrong. Moreover, he demonstrates and teaches what it means to respect self and others.

Dads will attend the child’s events with them. Events leading from school, musical recitals, plays, sport events, etc. as well as the child’s practice no matter what it may be.

This builds a bond and shows the child that dad is interested in their endeavors.

Also, teaching them how to drive a car, and give them away on their wedding day.

He provide guidance to nurture them. There is also a two way street to this relationship, and speaking, listening, and understanding the whys are very important in understanding one another.

Good dads set aside time throughout the day to give the child an undivided attention to each child, and pray together.

They talk in order to find out what has taken places throughout their days, in order to see a different side without using perception.

Sometimes listening and communicating with the child we tend to find so much more details about who the child is.

A good father also takes the family out for a good fun and leisure. He has good conversations with the child about values and balance discipline and support.

Being a good father is especially critical to people of color mainly Hispanic, Afro Caribbean, and African American families.

Many children of color without a father for various reasons such as incarceration, death, drugs, lack of stability and guidance, etc. when the children grow up without a father figure, mainly young boys, they venture out to find that father figure.

A few will learn from the streets what they think is manhood, they will feel secure and protected with gang members, young girls will tend to find the attention elsewhere. All in all they are lead by the wrong crowd and influence etc.

A dad will surround himself with friends that will demonstrate to him and his child what it is to be of good moral and stature.

There are so many single women that has had no choice but to be both the mother and father. This comes with a strong will power and perseverance which is a challenge for most women, this also shows the child determination, morality, perseverance and character.

They see the difficulty that the mother has to deal with on a daily basis, and it sparks a fire inside to do better for both the child and the parent.

Hats off for all single mothers that held it down and helped to grow their child in a way that they are proud of.

The guidance and support that has to be showered upon young children mostly males from a single mothers is definitely not an easy task.

To make sure that the child is involved with outside task such as signing up the child for an after school program, Boys and Girls Club, YMCA, swimming lessons, Boys Scout, Girls Scout, etc. there are so many different ways that a child will find mentorship, and they will find a BIG brother or BIG sister that they admire and determine to walk in their foot steps because that person too is like a father to that child.

We all came in this world with the DNA of our fathers but it takes something special to be called a dad.

Happy Father’s Day to those that know they are a little more than a father, no matter if it is your biological child or not. In your being, your heart, and soul. You have always been more than a father to that child.

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