One blood, distributed throughout the world. From Kings and Queens to slavery… We are one, emerging from the bondage, following the drinking gourd. The product of our ancestor, blood, sweat, tears, we feel the pain of lynching, strangulations, spit, kicks, fire burning,guns popping, knives swinging, getting hanged, getting killed…

The product of mass genocide, leads us to think that home for our men is incarceration, demolition to our image by killing our selves with weapons of mass destructions. We kill each other, we know black lives matter; Yet this is what they marched for, to Selma and back… Our kids see transcending images, this is not the Jim Crow way.

We reflect and pay homage for those that fight and paved the road we take or yearning to travel on. We disrespect our selfs by calling each other Nig$&, we demolish our society when we don’t lend a helping hand to our brothers and our sisters.

Let us not only use this month to celebrate those that contributed to black history, but live it everyday by setting goals and achieving them.

Black history is not just African American history. It is Caribbean History, Latin History, Africa’s history, European history, the Worlds history, taking from the birth place of civilization disbursed across the world like cattle for cheap labor. Let’s reflect on how we can be better, united, as one blood, one people. Let us continue to change history for the better.

Happy Black History month!

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