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Empowering Us Caribbean

About Us

We are a community of Caribbeans, Latin & Central Americans, and the diaspora coming together to educate, create, and speak on topics such as technology, agricultural education, health and wellness, and many more topics.

We educate by showcasing and speaking of the things we are and have been doing throughout the Caribbean and diaspora in order to empower our people and communities.


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Sponsorship’s & Partnerships

We are excepting proposals for Sponsorship’s & Partnerships in order to have a vital and meaningful collaboration that will benefit both Empowering Us Caribbean and the proposing company.

Please email us at hello@empusc.com

Show what your doing or want to accomplish or teach regarding:

  • Technology 
  • Health and Wellness 
  • Agriculture 
  • Learners and Tutors 
  • Latin Community 
  • Caribbean Community and more. 

Join our chat rooms on these topics and more…

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