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Empowering Us Caribbean

About Us

We are a community of Caribbeans, Latin & Central Americans, and the diaspora coming together to educate, create, and speak on topics such as technology, agricultural education, health and wellness, and many more topics.

We upload images and videos, write blogs and communicate through the various chat rooms EMPUSC provides in order to see how we are making a difference in the Caribbean, Latin Communities, throughout the diaspora, and the world.

Join us now! Login or register and introduce yourself to you neighbors, let us know of anything new you are doing. For ex: our technology room discuss many projects they are working on regarding Coding and Engineering the next world changing technology.


We are life long learners and we volunteer our time in our communities to help our brothers and sisters reach goals leading from financial growth, academics,health and wellness, and much more.


As people of Caribbean and Latin & Central American decedents we are distend for greatness. We excel in many dynamics and we are leaders on a variety of levels and fields. Lets share our knowledge and help those that walk in our footsteps because we are giants!

Show what your doing or want to accomplish or teach regarding:

  • Technology 
  • Health and Wellness 
  • Agriculture 
  • Learners and Tutors 
  • Latin Community 
  • Caribbean Community and more. 

Say “hello”.

Join the movement today!


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