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We are a community of Caribbeans, Latin & Central Americans, and the diaspora coming together to educate, create, and speak on topics such as technology, agricultural education, health and wellness, and many more topics.

We educate by showcasing and speaking of the things we are and have been doing throughout the Caribbean and diaspora in order to empower our people and communities










We are life long learners and we volunteer our time in our communities to help our brothers and sisters reach goals leading from financial growth, academics, health and wellness, and much more.


We’ve created a range of groups in order to educate, communicate on how it is effecting or benefitting the Caribbean People from the the Caribbean and throughout the diaspora. These groups include.

  • Caribbean Health and Wellness 
  • Technology In The Caribbean
  • Agriculture In The Caribbean 
  • Latin & Central Community
  • Caribbean Community

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Popular groups

Our community are comprised of many groups, here are a few popular groups to join.

Caribbean Community

The Caribbean and Foaspora speaking of issues, news, and all that effects and benefit the Caribbean people..

Caribbean Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness is one of the most important topics for the Caribbean people, lets educate and speak on all health realed topics effecting and benefitting the Caribbean people locally and throughout the diaspora.

Technology in the Caribbean

Lets talk about how the Caribbean people are changing technology for the benefit of the Caribbean people..

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