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A community of Caribbeans, Latin & Central Americans, and the diaspora coming together for one purpose greater than ourselves.


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Empowering Us Caribbean

We educate and empower each other with regards to what is happening in the Caribbean. We upload images and videos and speak of how we can improve the Caribbean on a wide spectrum of various topics of importance. In addition, chat rooms of all topics of interest and growth are provided to all members as well as inspirational and motivational books and clothing which is available for you to purchase.
Our platform once signed into your profile allows for you to join our community which comprise of Caribbeans, Latin and Central Americans, and the diaspora. you can blog about whats going on in the world, and have interesting discussions, learn and tutor in order to give back and much much more.

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What Empowering Us Caribbean Offers?

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Education does not start and end in the class room. We need to volunteer in our community to help our brothers and sisters reach goals leading from financial growth, academics and much more.


Leaders of Today

As people of Caribbean and Latin & Central American decedents we are distend for greatness. We excel in many dynamics and we are leaders on a variety of levels and fields. Lets share our knowledge and help those that walk in our footsteps because we are giants!

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